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What inspired me to start my coaching business?

Coming from a pharmaceutical background, I always wanted to help others. I worked as a pharmacist for a while until I understood there are other ways to help and I moved into the pharmaceutical industry.

There are so many options for someone who graduates with an MPharm degree but the most common expectation is to work in community or hospital pharmacy. Once I moved into industry a whole world of opportunities opened up. And that can be as exciting as it can put a lot of pressure on a young professional.

Statistics show that the higher the number of choices a person has, the harder it is to make one. At the time my second degree offered me two options. So I chose one and have not regretted it ever since.

Throughout my career so far, I have worked in both consultancy companies and pharmaceutical companies, and have moved between the two a few times. It was after one of these moves when I found myself in the need of a coach.

I was in a place where there was no balance, high expectations (with questionable requests) and significant pressure. And as much as I love working under time, money or staff constraints, I did not expect to face pressure because of my gender or race.

So after looking into guidance options, I encountered a career coach and started seeing her. Only after a few sessions I was already more motivated and felt more empowered to leave. I felt the magic of coaching first hand and I loved every minute of it.

It was after I changed roles and I found myself in a multicultural, diverse and supportive team that I thought “If I experienced the need for a career change, other women must feel the same”.

So I started reading around the topic and decided to do it properly and enrol into an accredited coaching course with Coach Training Alliance. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to receive the proper education around coaching and supporting your client.

Coaches are the objective person in the client’s life. That person that will not tell them what to feel, how to feel and when to feel it. The person that never judges and always supports you. The person you can count on to hold you accountable for your actions.

This is really the reason I wanted to become a coach. I want to offer other women what I have had the pleasure of receiving through my coaching - Clarity, Confidence and A plan on how to get myself from A to B.

I hope this helps and motivates other women to help and guide each other!

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