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The Stickler Saboteur - all you need to know!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Welcome to another Accomplice Saboteur post.

Today’s although with more simpler characteristics, falls very close to the last one discussed. By comparison to the Hyper-achiever who tells you to aim for more, the Stickler aims for perfection and order.

Some of the characteristics of the Stickler are:

  • Strong need for order, self-control and self-restraint

  • Punctual, methodical and strives for perfection in an aggressive manner

  • Is highly critical or self and others and will feel the need to constantly correct and look to improve

  • Does not like to be criticised as it believes their work is perfect


The Stickler is very straightforward and there are no grey shades, right is right and wrong is, well terribly wrong. They claim to have the right way and thinks that rather than not doing something perfectly, better not do it at all. Is critical of others and thinks that people slack and you are the one responsible to correct their work.

Being organised is key and any mistakes are unacceptable.


The Stickler controls you by telling you that correcting others is your responsibility and anything your so should be short of God’s work. It pushes you to believe that there is one way to do things and you are the one to know how to.

This attitude causes tension in relationships and reduces flexibility when dealing with your colleagues or family and friends. Will create anxiety and frustrations if something is not to the level you expect it to be.

If you always strive for perfection, you are raising the bar very high for others and that will not only put pressure on you to always feel the need to correct others and frustrated but also others will feel constantly criticised and pressurised into achieving your internal standard.

No one is perfect, no action has one way of being done and no one is always right! Being acceptant of self and others is a quality we all need to embrace. Mistakes will be made and that is ok - the most important is to learn from them and take that knowledge further.

Allow yourself to be stay positive if something is not 100% perfect - do some PQ reps and acknowledge that no one is perfect and that you were good enough!

Are you a perfectionist? If not, check my other blog posts on Saboteurs and drop me a message if you found it and have questions!

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