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Who is the Saboteur?

Today I will be talking about the little person that lives in our heads and tells us we can or cannot do things and how we should be doing them. We all have them and there is nothing to be scared or ashamed of.

Some people call it the gremlin, the imposter, I prefer the term Saboteur, because ultimately that is their purpose, to deflect and prevent us from reaching our potential.

Your mind can be your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy, involved in self-sabotage. These Saboteurs are our internal enemies and represent a set of automatic habits of your mind with its own voice, beliefs and assumptions that work against your best interest.

There are 10 Saboteurs in total and we all have experienced at least a couple of them throughout our life-time. You might have identified them in your early year as being helpful and protective by helping you survive emotionally and physically. As you grow into adulthood, they change their drive and instead of helping, they limit your potential in some or all aspects of your life.

Many people want the Saboteur exposed and see this as an eye-opening experience. Being able to identify yours is a very powerful moment and the first step into reducing its power over you. We use the Saboteurs as a shield through which we see and react to the world.

My preferred way to trying to learn to control my Saboteur is by working on my Positive Intelligence (PQ) through PQ reps. The goal is to envelop an alert and calm creative mindset. I do there reps whenever I feel that the Saboteur is trying to take over.

There are several ways of doing PQ reps - tactile, visual, auditory or through breathing. Whichever you want to try they work in the same manner. Have a read about these in my blog on “How to create a positive mindset through PQ reps?

This is a very complex topic and cannot be covered in one blog post so for the next weeks I will be covering each Saboteur in part and try to help you identify yours and how to silence its voice.

So keep your eyes out for the mid-week post about each Saboteurs type and see if you can identify your.

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