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The Restless Saboteur - all you need to know!

Welcome back! This is the second post on the Accomplice Saboteurs.

Last time, we spoke about the first Accomplice - the Controller. Today we are focusing on a different one - the Restless.

If your Saboteur will be the Restless, it will in constant search for a new activity, adventure, challenge. It will never be happy with the pace your life is at.

The main characteristics of the Restless are:

  • Loves staying busy

  • Looks for excitement and diversity

  • Will try to juggle too many tasks at once and will cause you exhaustion

  • Likes jumping from one thing to another and seems like never finishes anything


Its thoughts are to constantly keep you stimulated. You are never happy with yourself, others or a circumstance and always on the look for something else to make you happy or keep you on your toes.


That is there the lie comes in “Life is too short to be missing out!”. Every time you do move on to something more exciting, soon the novelty wears off and again that feeling that you are missing out settles in.


This constant move from one thing to another is exhausting. You always wonder what to do next, have a restless mind and a fear of missing out on more interesting experiences on your own or with friends.

What people who have the Restless as one of their Saboteurs are really afraid is the moment when they stop, when life slows down and they have to deal with the real problems behind their busy schedule. For them, the busy life is an escape from being fully present to that moment and dealing with any shortcomings. So they quickly move on to something else. Others in their lives might find it difficult to keep us with the 100-miles an hour life and that would impact on relationships.

Going at full speed all the time will bring you a long list of unfinished projects, preventing you from creating meaningful relationships and getting to enjoy the little moments in life that count. Ultimately, you will feel guilt for all the things you dropped as the omnipresent Judge Saboteur will emerge.

Remember to give the PQ reps a go. Go to my blog on this at “How to create a positive mindset through PQ reps?

It the Restless one of your Saboteurs? If not, keep coming back for a future post on Accomplice Saboteurs

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