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The Hyper-rational Saboteur - all you need to know!

Last week we spoke and went into detail in the characteristics of the Hyper-vigilant and we saw how that can impact our reactions and our relationships with others.

In this piece we will be discussing another Accomplice Saboteur which has very similar traits - The Hyper-rational.

There are only so many steps we can put in place to prevent things from going wrong. And when the inner voice keeps nagging us to do more, be better, aim higher, our psyche can be under a lot of pressure.

The Hyper-rational generated intense emotions and has exclusive focus on the rational processing of everything, from work relationships, to romantic ones or our own inner peace. It can be perceives as calculated and arrogant.

Some of the characteristics of the Hyper-rational are:

  • Is a distant analyser and can easily lose track of time while watching the world around

  • Is very private and has an intense and active mind, occasionally coming across as arrogant and with a superior complex

  • Discusses things with skepticism and usually turns everything into a debate


The Hyper-rational tries to rationalise everything with a cold and calculated mind. It will tell you bringing feelings into a debate is pointless and every harmful for the outcome, as needs and emotions distract from the aim and outcome of the project, relationship or anything else you are working on.

The Hyper-rational will value knowledge and understanding over everything else and will link these to self-worth.


Having feelings is a sign of weakness and the rational mind is the most valuable thing to have. Everything should be coldly calculated and everything should be approached like a plain business transaction.


With those lies, the Hyper-rational makes us feel frustrated when others show emotions and do not use reason to see things. By feeling so, someone who has the Hyper-rational as an Accomplice Saboteur will feel pushed further away from others and soon the loneliness will settles in. They will feel different and not understood and will become skeptical or cynical.

With this on your mind, you will feel limits into relationships in both work and life and will ultimately impact your life. Remember no one wants to be seen as a tool or a business transaction and that people do have feelings which whether or not we like it, will show in their actions.

As much as we would want the rational to dominate each aspect of life, we need to acknowledge that ultimately life is an array of feelings, actions, thoughts that will stem from inner passion and desire of accomplishment. We ought to try and be more understanding to our peers and sometimes leave things to chance not just pure calculations.

Think of doing some PQ reps if you feel you are being dominated by the Hyper-rational. And if this is not one of your Saboteurs then check our other past posts and future posts for information of others.

Have a great day xx

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