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The Hyper-Achiever Saboteur - all you need to know!

I must confess - when I first took my Saboteur assessment, I sort of knew which ones I would get as after training as a coach and doing other self-development courses, I got to know myself much better.

However, what I did not anticipate, was to get a clean 10/10 in any of the Accomplice Saboteurs. But I did - i got a clear 100% assessment as a Hyper-achiever. So, I am glad we finally reached this one throughout the Saboteur journey.

The Hyper-achiever is dependent on constant performance and achievement, not only from self but also from others. It demands self-respect and self-validation and is highly focused on success, leading to the classification of workaholic. It looses touch with deep emotional connections and only seeks full compliance.

Some of the Hyper-achiever characteristics are:

  • Is very good at showing no insecurities and is always positive

  • Is competitive and expects other to be as well, as after all, achievements is by what it defines him/her-self

  • Is goal orientated and likes to have these set in advance for a longer period of time

  • Although through work and perseverance it does achieve most of its goals, after a while these are no longer enough

  • Can keep people it does not assess as worthy at a safe distance


Getting the job done in the fastest and best way is the ultimate goal. Anything short of that is seen as a failure. The Hyper-achiever must be at its best at all times and if it cannot be outstanding then that’s a failure and is therefore not acceptable.

Efficiency and effectiveness are THE MAIN adjectives for this Accomplice Saboteur. It also does not allow any room for feelings and emotions as it only focuses on thinking and taking action.


In order to keep you in check, the Hyper-achiever tells you that you will not be able to complete your tasks, that you are not good enough, or fast enough, or strong enough. It will tell you that success is far away and you will never be able to reach it.

This in response will make you fell angry, sad and even revengeful. But ultimately, you will put more effort it, do more to overcompensate and will succeed. For a short period of time, you will be allowed to be happy and enjoy you victory, but soon a new goal, a new challenge will emerge and this will start all over again.

The flaw this Accomplice Saboteur brings is that you learn to measure yourself based on your accomplishments and your material achievements, and these will never be enough because guess what - there is always someone else out there who has more, or does more. If you allow yourself to be defined by how much you have or by how much you do, you will never be happy, because there is no limit to that.

The Hyper-achiever will impact your performance because ultimately even the best of jogglers will drop the ball at some point, and this will make you feel annoyed and frustrated. You will punish yourself for not doing more, being better and that attitude will also impact on your relationships with others.

As I mentioned, this Accomplice Saboteur is one of mine and it took me more than 5 months to tame it down. It’s still there, as I mentioned, the Saboteurs never really leave us but they can be controlled and turned into rare and faded whispers with practice through PQ reps and Sage improvement.

If this is one of yours feel free to reach out and I would be happy to work with you on improving. If not, have you found to whom that little voice belongs to?

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