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How to be more efficient in your professional and personal life?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Everyone wants and tries to be more efficient. Just think, you could spend less time doing the things that you don't enjoy and more on the things that bring you happiness.

Some people are actually very efficient in their work. Others not so much but that’s ok because we are all different and at various stages in our development.

Here are a few techniques efficient people use to gain that freedom.

1. Stop Multitasking

A lot of people thinking they are good at multitasking. However, only few can solidly focus on more than 1 or two tasks, particularly if they require focus and depth.

Concentrated effort with few distractions leads to better work product in faster times.

One thing at a time an done well is better that half-finished projects.

Recommendation: Set yourself some time for each project and ignore any other distractions during that time, such as responding to other emails in the meantime.

2. Delegate

A lot of our productivity is lost when we try to take on more than we time for.

Efficient people are good at delegating tasks to others who will perform them better and maybe even faster.

Use all the people at your disposal as they might be specialised in that task better than you and will save time and energy. A successful realisation of a project is in the TEAM.

Recommendation: Speak with your team and fins out what each is best at. With the upcoming project try asking for help with certain tasks. Or if you work on your own, try delegating other activities such as house chores to your partner or kids.

3. Communication is key

Spend a bit more time to write that text or email as a poor communication is a huge time-waster.

Think of the objective and craft your emails with purpose using the language necessary to get the desired effect. 

Recommendation: Spend at least 10 minutes before preparig an important email and write down some bullet points you want to get across. Then start writing your email following that plan.

4. Structure Your Schedule and Plan

There are so many scheduling and productivity tools out there you could use. Start by having a look at some recommendations or even ask other colleagues if they use any.

Efficiency fanatics create standard routines in their schedule so they can achieve a disciplined approach and be ready for the important events. The more you control the calendar, the easier it is to make room for the unexpected.

Recommendation: One app I use is Asana for task and project planning. There are tens of good apps for planning and scheduling your activities so try using one for at least 2 weeks and notice any difference in productivity.

5. Put things away

How much time we waste finding our car keys or phone? Probably hours over a short period of time.

Keys, pens, clothing or paper hunts cause distraction and a lot of frustration, especially when you have something important to do or somewhere important to be.

People get really efficient from being organized. Define a space for some of these little items and get into the habit to placing them there.

Recommendation: Put a bowl near the door and get into the habit of placing your house and car keys there. Use another bowl for headphones and sunglasses as you would use these when going out, so having them by the door will help.

6. Time activities

Do you really know how much time you spend productively versus how much time you waste?

Recommendation: log your time on activities for a week.  Then spend the next week setting specific times for similar activities and work to reduce the times with similar output. 

What is the outcome?

7. Remember To Take A Break

If you are tired your performance will decrease and more time will be spent on plain activities.

Efficient people get rest and recuperation so they can perform at their peak. Since one amazing employee can do the work of three average employees, best to let the team rest up and be top performers.

Recommendation: During the day, every 3 hours take 2 minutes - close your eyes, stand relaxed in your chair and take some deep breaths. Feel your chest of stomach raising and focus on the air coming in and out. Your can set a timer for this and a reminder on your calendar to do it during the day. For a week try going to bed not later than 11 to make sure you get your sleep during the best hours.

I hope these little trick will help improve and please check in again for more tips on how to improve yourself and your business

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