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How does tech support your business?

We live in a world where not having a smartphone, not being on a social media platform or not spending hours looking at other people is considered odd.

But are we really making the most of the online space and the tech that comes with it?

How are we really utilising this to our benefit rather than waist out time by “scrolling” and “liking”?

I challenge you to consider the following changes in using the tech and online space to help your business.

1. Better reach and online working

Being online offers you a wide range of options when it comes to people you serve. You are no longer limited by location and trying to approach all local businesses to buy your product or services.

Despite the damaging impact of the pandemic, one lesson can be learned from - everything is possible with technology. Speaking to family 1000miles away, coaching a client in Arizona (USA) while in my office in Manchester (UK), having quiz night and connecting with people we have not seen in a while.

2. Improved marketing strategies

Marketing is an important part of any business - online or not. You need strong marketing strategies to attract new clients. With the right strategie you can find your ideal clients easier and serve them better.

We can now formulate marketing plans with the help of technology. Various software options have been created to help any type of business.

3. Aided productivity

I don’t know about you but I like TO DO lists. They help me plan ahead and allow me to time manage better. And while there is no technology to offer you more time the one that is available can aid productivity by increasing business efficiency and help you get through your list.

Technology can help you with automation of social media posts, generation of invoices, calculating tasks, managing clients, teams and accounts and more.

These would help you and your employees (if you have any) to manage the workload within the allocated time and quicker and allow you more free time to focus on what you love.

For other ways to improve efficiency check out this post.

4. Easier communication

Being able to get in contact with clients and co-workers is crucial for a business to run smoothly. The way we interact with each other has changed. And this can be seen as a good thing, or not. With communication being easier, the way we run our company is better as well. However, are we losing that human contact? A good balance between contact via zoom, skype or teams and a face to face, “let’s chat over coffee” interaction can help your business a long way.

5. Better customer service

All businesses offer customer services to their clients. This is the first point of call and should run smoothly. Technological advances aim to improve this service. These aim to improve the way we handle customers. A happy customer is a thriving business as it means they will return to your company.

Tech can help us increase our profits by increasing our client base. All services such as chat options, websites, social media interactions will help the client and make their experience easier.

6. Security

Technology can help with this aspect as well and it has been doing so for years. As you protect your home from intruders, you will want to do the same for your business. Options here are countless, from CCTV, access controls, alarm systems, firewalls, all are there to protect your physical as well as online business.

There are many more other benefits to living in a tech driven world. We just have to remember that technology cannot replace human connections, feelings and emotions and some aspects of your business cannot and should not be replaced with automated systems.

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