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Career Coaching Session

How can I make myself heard?

How can I feel more confident in my role?

Why am I feeling down and unsuccessful?

Does my opinion really not matter?

Why do I do this job?

If you are having any of these questions, then finding the answers is something I can help you with.

My leadership experience in various area of the healthcare industry helped me find the answers and the professional coaching training offers me the necessary tools to deliver these to you.

Coaching not only helps develop your existing skills, improves performance and stimulating professional growth, but also provides you with the opportunity to reflect in a safe space, away from judgement and subjectivity. 


Who would benefit from career coaching?

  • For newly qualified professionals transitioning into their first role

  • For professionals looking to embark on a new role

  • For team leaders who are struggling with their workload and want to get the most out of their team

  • For aspiring leaders who want to accelerate their progress towards senior management

  • For experienced professionals who want to expand into a different area

What are the benefits of career coaching?

  • A safe space for you to share and test new ideas and to process new information you might discover

  • An objective friend to give honest feedback on observed behaviours

  • Get clarity on your vision, mission and strategy

  • New ways of thinking and responding

  • Improved self-awareness, clarity and confidence in your role

  • Targeted personal development leading to a positive action plan

  • Better understanding and management of risks and challenges

  • Effective stress management techniques to cope with the everyday challenges

  • Improved self-awareness and confidence leading to more effective leadership

  • An accountability partner challenging you to get stuff done

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